Consulting Services

Keeping Your Organization In-The-Know

Govspec’s consulting services should be of interest primarily to those organizations:

  • Needing assistance in complying with the codes so that their products can find entry into the marketplace
  • Needing assistance in specifying the appropriate codes for product purchases
  • Interested in determining code compliance before or accepting certified products

Some of the services that Govspec offers includes:

  • Product evaluation to determine the product’s potential for passing specific fire tests
  • Interpret multi page technical documents and summarize what is actually required
  • Recommend fire tests to be conducted and frequency of tests
  • Act as a liaison with agency officials responsible for fire code compliance
  • Recommend competent, qualified fire testing laboratories
  • Recommend competent, qualified manufacturers of fire test equipment
  • Attend fire test laboratories to witness the testing of client’s products
  • Prepare client for potential changes in test standards
  • Offer court testimony

A Professional Perspective

Govspec was founded in 2018 to serve the needs of those organizations who need assistance in understanding the complexities of the fire codes and the tests that are used by the codes to determine product conformance.

Govspec’s founder, Mr. Salvatore Messina has almost 50 years experience in the industry as the Founder & Lead Consultant of a leading recognized organization that offered a wide range of fire tests & fire testing instruments.

Govspec’s vast library contains hundreds if not thousands of fire codes and fire test standards which are published by code authorities and test standards writing organizations.


  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Committee Member Life Safety Code 101
  • International Code Council
  • Committee Member International Building Code &
    International Fire Code
  • ASTM
  • Committee E05 on Fire Standards
  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Fire & Cabin Safety Committee